The Stark and Irrational Uncertainty of Existence

I've been trying to learn some Blender basics as I'm useless with 3D. I went through this tutorial and because I'm a comedy dink I felt I had to use it for something. It took days to render the shatter and I even had to cut it short to get it ready for the Firehouse. How do people live like this?

The voice started as an impression of Reynolds Woodcock from Phantom Thread which I very much loved.


Enough Stuff

I recorded my friends talking and then animated it for fun.

Please do watch:

Another Guinness Ad

Me and my brother whipped up a new thing.




Pretty much speaks for itself.

The dialogue was improvised by Menaka Deolekar and myself.

The rest was animation in Photoshop.



The Hot Sprockets - Right Spots

Hello you. I did the second animated segment for this music video:

Put together by Little Beast.

It was done with a combination of Photoshop and After Effects.

Ok bye.


Welcome to Warpzone

I should've shared this ages ago but whatever. I blanked. It's fine.

My brother came to visit me and we whipped this together:

As you can see it's mostly just me prompting him to be much funnier than I am.

We walked around hanging out for the day and I brought my audio recorder and some nifty clip on lenses for a phone just in case.

We were in an arcade bar playing some Mario and I decided to start filming and prompting Séamus to be funny. He came up with all the establishing shots after the fact.

All the walking around footage was just shot on the fly with no concept of what we'd do with it.

We shot the talking head interview segment over the phone because he had to leave before we had a chance to do it.

Then he edited it together in the best way.