Galway Film Fleadh!

The Galway Film Fleadh is upon us! My short film DABDA is screening on Sunday and I am excited that people will be seeing it.
Unfortunately I won't be able to be there but I hope that people enjoy it.
The screening is at 12:30 along with the other Debut Animation Shorts. Six others are directed by friends and former classmates of mine. These are:

directed by Darragh Duffy
The Office Environment
directed by Mark Mullery
The Amaze-tastic Inspiration Machine
directed by David Hynes
On the Quiet
directed by Eamonn O'Neill
Safety Brief
directed by Brian Hoary
Tawny Woods
directed by Jason Watts

I urge everyone to check these films out as they are brilliant.

Full programme details can be found here. Yes they spelled my name wrong. Yes it says documentaries. But who cares eh?


EDIT: My film can now be found here!

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