The Amazing Few's New Year's Eve 3D Funhouse Show!

The Amazing Few
are playing a fantabulous show in glorious red and cyan 3D!

Guests: Funzo, Bot-Heads, Gran Casino
Where: The Village on on Wexford St.
When: 31st December
Time: Doors at 8:30
Cost: €16.50 from Ticketmaster, Tickets.ie or at the Wav Box Office

This should be lots of fun.
I'm currently preparing a lot of animated 3D visuals to be projected on the stage screens during the show. I also will be in attendance having fun with all of you.
Do come along!

Facebook Event Page


November Volta

It's New Volta time again.

New Volta film club will be screening some Irish film talent tomorrow night!

This month I'm screening 2 films. Gasp!

My controversial film "OJ Meets Letterman"
a short series of sketches I worked on with Carol Freeman, Nicholas Grey and Mark Mullery which is not available for viewing online! Double gasp!

So come along for fun and frolics!

Thing: New Volta Film Club
Date: Tuesday 3rd November
Time: 8:00pm
Place: Upstairs Bewley's Cafe Grafton St.
Fee: NONE!
Awesome: Yes

New Volta Facebook



So I finally put my graduate film online.
The end result of a year of horrible work and stress (with a thesis involved to boot). I thought I hated it for months but when I finally finished it I was quite pleased with the end result. Still am! So without much further Apu, here it is as it looked at the 2009 IADT Graduate exhibition and the 2009 Galway Film Fleadh:

(You might want to expand it for the full effect)

YouTube Link
EDIT: Vimeo Link


The Amazing Few Part 2

So, The Amazing Few are playing Tripod on Saturday the 10th of October at 23:00. (That's tomorrow night!)
On the screen (hopefully) should be some animation by yours truly.

Do come along!


The Amazing Few

This video isn't new but I felt it should get mentioned up here.
The Amazing Few are a Dublin based Ska/Punk/Psychobilly/Fun type band who are great. I've done a few bits of animation for them over the last year or so, I've been asked to do a bit more for their upcoming show.

I thought I'd show you this live video of their song 'Bruce Lee Movie' from their upcoming live DVD. The projections behind the band were designed and animated by me.

PS. I'm also visible dancing like a fool somewhere in the audience


New Volta

For some stupid reason it didn't occur to me to post about New Volta until now.

New Volta is a film screening club that's just emerged in Dublin run by Bob Gallagher. The intent is to hold a monthly screening of shorts made by just about anyone, as festival circuits can be difficult to get on.
Today's was in Bewley's on Grafton St. and went very well. My graduate film DABDA was screened along with others. New Volta should be returning on the first Tuesday of every month from now on.

Here's the Facebook page with a still from DABDA for a profile picture. Heh!

EDIT: DABDA can now be found here!


Star Wars Uncut

I got a link to the site Star Wars Uncut a while ago and figured I'd give one a try. What they've done is chopped up A New Hope into 15 second segments and doled them out to whomever wants to recreate them.
I think it's an idea that has some potential and hopefully the end result will be kind of cool and have an interesting flow to it.
Anyway here's my 15 seconds:

PS. They're going by the 2004 version of the film unfortunately, I can't always have my way. I'm hoping the nerds will shine through and either remove the glaring extras or at least mock them.


Galway Film Fleadh!

The Galway Film Fleadh is upon us! My short film DABDA is screening on Sunday and I am excited that people will be seeing it.
Unfortunately I won't be able to be there but I hope that people enjoy it.
The screening is at 12:30 along with the other Debut Animation Shorts. Six others are directed by friends and former classmates of mine. These are:

directed by Darragh Duffy
The Office Environment
directed by Mark Mullery
The Amaze-tastic Inspiration Machine
directed by David Hynes
On the Quiet
directed by Eamonn O'Neill
Safety Brief
directed by Brian Hoary
Tawny Woods
directed by Jason Watts

I urge everyone to check these films out as they are brilliant.

Full programme details can be found here. Yes they spelled my name wrong. Yes it says documentaries. But who cares eh?


EDIT: My film can now be found here!


OJ Meets Letterman

I made this as my first project in third year animation in IADT. The brief was to choose a current news article and create a response to it. Created with a mixture of Adobe Flash and Photoshop. The heads are cut from photos, some are modified slightly. The rest was drawn in either Flash or Photoshop. Then animated in Flash.


College Life

This was a project for my third year studying animation at IADT. The brief was to create 3 short vignettes to be shown to a new student at the college, each of them teaching or explaining something about life around the campus.
Created almost entirely in Adobe Flash. The backgrounds were photographed and then traced in Flash. A few small parts were created with filters in Adobe Photoshop.


I made this last year as my final film of third year animation. It's a music video of sorts to an abridged version of Flim by Aphex Twin.
It was created by animating in Adobe Flash using a mixture of tweening and frame by frame. The textures were then placed in Flash using the mask options and the shadows were placed in Adobe After Effects.


Galway Film Fleadh

I just found out today that my graduate film has been accepted into the Galway Film Fleadh under the Debut Short category. Needless to say I am flippin' happy about this! Should you be attending the festival, please look out for my film DABDA.

The Fleadh staff have asked for 2 images from my film for the festival programme. Here they are for you people:

EDIT: Said film can now be found here!


New Project

A teaser image of sorts from a new project I've started work on. No officiality involved with this. Just something to entertain myself and keep busy. Should be released online on August 15th if all goes to plan. Let's see where this one takes me!


DABDA Poster

Had to make a film poster for my graduate exhibition. It was either a poster or a selection of images. I started out trying to do a selection of images and it eventually turned into this. Go figure.

EDIT: DABDA can now be found here!



New showreel. It's a touch long. I might upload a trimmed down one soon.


The Figure

Here's a hi-res image of the character of The Figure from my final year film: DABDA.

This was created by first photographing the actor's face, then tracing over the important features in Flash and combining them with original drawings. I then brought the Flash drawing into After Effects and applied the previously scanned ink textures.

When in motion, the lower half of the body is constantly shifting the Rorschach pattern. The texture of the body is boiling as well, in order to create something of an atmosphere of impossibly perfect cutout animation. Of course I never intended the viewer to think it might actually be cutout.

EDIT: Said film can now be found here!



Figured I'd stick this at a higher resolution. I made this for the blog banner. It's based on the style of my final year film for college.

EDIT: Said film can now be found here!


Starting post

Just cracked open this blog. Boy it's all shiny and new. Still got that smell.