Upcoming Screenings

Here are some upcoming screenings of The Story of Ikerus!

Little Cinema Galway - July 30th - 21:00
The Little Cinema will be hosting a night of shorts in the Roisin Dubh (for the first time!)
Drink pints and watch films.
All details here.

Castlepalooza - Eat My Shorts - August 2nd
The Story of Ikerus will be screened on the second day of the Castlepalooza festival in Offaly.
Drink whatever people drink at festivals and watch films.
All details here.

Hackfest 2014 - August 27th - 19:00
The first ever Hackfest will be held in Hendrons Collider in Dublin.
Drink cans and watch films.

Do come and enjoy!

I will be in attendance for 2 of these 3 screenings... try to guess which ones. Please feel free to ask me questions and tell me how much you loved the character of Dadurus and tell me about what your favourite kind of gin is at any of these.



The Story of Ikerus

The Story of Ikerus is a short film I made 2 months ago.

I made it specifically for the Firehouse Film Contest but then as that got delayed I thought I'd see if I could get it into the Galway Film Fleadh.

I just found out it did not get into the Fleadh and as I'm sick of sitting on it and not showing it to people, so here it is!


I'm a little dismayed that it didn't get into the Fleadh if I'm honest.

Anyone who's sat through any kind of shorts screening knows it's a grueling affair. Even if you're watching exclusively high end, excellent and compelling films your mind tends to slip as the screening goes on. I really felt Ikerus would be a welcome addition to the screening at Galway as it's a film that doesn't expect anything of the audience. It's 3 minutes where you're allowed to realise how surreal and ridiculous animated films are.

Rather than just go elsewhere and try and get into other festivals and chase down screenings and submit and submit and submit, I thought it's better to just revert back my original intentions. Screen at the Firehouse then put it online. So here we are!

While it's a shame it's not going to be on the big screen at least I get to show it to everyone now. I own it. Ha! Suck it!

Also, I thought it'd be funny to show you the entire script and character pre-production designs for The Story of Ikerus:



Did this at the request of my partner.I just bought a Cintiq and this is the first thing I did with it. Seems about right.It depicts a moment from The Office.


Sunday Ghostbusters Comic

A few weeks ago I contributed another comic to Badass Sunday Comics.

I hadn't gotten around to posting it here yet but I drank some Dan Aykroyd Crystal Head vodka last night so now seems like a good time.

For those unaware, this is Dan Aykroyd's vodka company.

My previous Badass Sunday Comics can be found here, here and here.



Basically what happens when you inbetweeen one of these and then run out of ideas.




A few months ago Threadless had a contest for Simpsons based t-shirt designs.

I submitted a few designs but as you can see here, I didn't get any selected.

Nevertheless, I thought it might be ok to show you the stuff I came up with:

This was the only one to actually make it through to the voting stage. No real idea why this and not the others. Personally I prefer the others but WHATEVER.

This t-shirt is as useless as that yellow lemon shaped rock over there.

Look, I don't have to explain myself. But I would wear this.

And one last one that I never finished but I still like:


More Sunday Comics

I have contributed once again to Badass Sunday Comics.

This time I have 2 submissions.

The first is a joke on current TV culture and how sensitive and knee-jerky people are about spoilers. Inspired in part by this excellent Portlandia sketch. The shows referenced (spoiler alert) are True Detective, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

Basic message being, yeah spoilers suck but people need to calm the shit down.

The second actually has 2 versions. In the process I bounced it off a friend and they felt the fourth panel could use a change. I applied it and then couldn't decide which was funnier. I left it to Scott from Badass Digest to decide which one to run but BOTH EXIST HERE FOR POSTERITY.

Anyway, Barton Fink. If you haven't seen it you should. It's good.

Anyway, bye.




I have once again contributed to Badass Sunday Comics.

This one is humorous take on popular film The Wolf of Wall Street.

One panel for every hour!



No Justice

A while ago I enjoyed messing about with some old drawings of the Justice League.

I took some old silver-age Justice League drawings, traced and rejigged them to make some different characters.

I took out some defining features, changed some bits and colours. Just had some fun really. Kirby Krackles are too fun to draw.

Trying to remember who they all were now, or can you guess?

Also trying to guess what their new powers are.

This was the first one I did.
This was The Flash. Now he's blind? He can see... space?

This used to be Wonder Woman. Now she has some sort of energy powers!
At one time this guy was known as Aquaman. Now he swims through the sky?

Green Lantern. Now, MIND POWERS (oh no!).
Also, metallic skin maybe? Red eyes!
Is he naked?

Martian Manhunter was his name. I'm not sure really.
He looks strong, but they all do.
Maybe he can bend time.

Superman! He's diagonal I guess. Purple eyes too.
He can always dodge an attack no matter how fast or leftfield.

And finally to Batman. Definitely a brawler this one. Maybe aquatic.
He can talk to lizards probably.




Also, recently Badass Digest started their Badass Sunday Comics and opened the floor to readers to submit their own.

I submitted one for the belated second issue that can be found here.

Here's my contribution alone:

For those unfamiliar, here's the story it's based on.

I tried to replicate the style (to some degree) of Daniel Clowes due to his involvement in the story.

Anyway, bye