Star Wars Uncut!

You might remember (probably not) about 2 and a half years ago I posted a short piece of animation for a project called Star Wars Uncut. Well, the finished film is finally here! Edited together in all its hand made glory.

I've got to say, it works nicely. Maybe it's just because I know the film back to front but I feel like I can follow what's happening even when the characters are constantly changing shape, age, gender and construction quality. I feel like it says something about the strength of the original film. Something that George Lucas seems to have forgotten how to do since. I'm not going to get into another rant about Lucas here though.

What I will say is congratulations to all those chosen. This is a really cool thing the internet has done!

Here's the whole film, watch away!

In case you're interested, my piece shows up at approximately the 13:33 mark and features R2D2 (one of my favourite fictional characters) looking around the inside of a Jawa Sandcrawler.

Anyway, enjoy!