The Amazing Few DVD

That's also the shape DVDs are... whooda thunkit?!?!
 So I've mentioned The Amazing Few a couple of times on this blog.

This is the pinnacle though. The Amazing Few have a live DVD out and I did a bunch of stuff on it. They'll be selling it at their show tomorrow (Saturday 6th) and you should definitely come along and dance with me and buy a copy. It's a great DVD with colours and fun and what not. Also my animation's in there so you can't lose right? RIGHT?!

Anyway, the gig is called the Throwing Shapes Show and it's certain to feature new animation by me, including the image above probably. As well as others. That's a loada shapes!

Venue: The Grand Social (formerly Pravda)
Date: 06/11/10
Doors: 8:00pm
Price: €8
Fun: Yes
Diarmaid: Definitely

Seriously, come...

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