OJ Meets Letterman

I made this as my first project in third year animation in IADT. The brief was to choose a current news article and create a response to it. Created with a mixture of Adobe Flash and Photoshop. The heads are cut from photos, some are modified slightly. The rest was drawn in either Flash or Photoshop. Then animated in Flash.


College Life

This was a project for my third year studying animation at IADT. The brief was to create 3 short vignettes to be shown to a new student at the college, each of them teaching or explaining something about life around the campus.
Created almost entirely in Adobe Flash. The backgrounds were photographed and then traced in Flash. A few small parts were created with filters in Adobe Photoshop.


I made this last year as my final film of third year animation. It's a music video of sorts to an abridged version of Flim by Aphex Twin.
It was created by animating in Adobe Flash using a mixture of tweening and frame by frame. The textures were then placed in Flash using the mask options and the shadows were placed in Adobe After Effects.


Galway Film Fleadh

I just found out today that my graduate film has been accepted into the Galway Film Fleadh under the Debut Short category. Needless to say I am flippin' happy about this! Should you be attending the festival, please look out for my film DABDA.

The Fleadh staff have asked for 2 images from my film for the festival programme. Here they are for you people:

EDIT: Said film can now be found here!


New Project

A teaser image of sorts from a new project I've started work on. No officiality involved with this. Just something to entertain myself and keep busy. Should be released online on August 15th if all goes to plan. Let's see where this one takes me!