DABDA Poster

Had to make a film poster for my graduate exhibition. It was either a poster or a selection of images. I started out trying to do a selection of images and it eventually turned into this. Go figure.

EDIT: DABDA can now be found here!



New showreel. It's a touch long. I might upload a trimmed down one soon.


The Figure

Here's a hi-res image of the character of The Figure from my final year film: DABDA.

This was created by first photographing the actor's face, then tracing over the important features in Flash and combining them with original drawings. I then brought the Flash drawing into After Effects and applied the previously scanned ink textures.

When in motion, the lower half of the body is constantly shifting the Rorschach pattern. The texture of the body is boiling as well, in order to create something of an atmosphere of impossibly perfect cutout animation. Of course I never intended the viewer to think it might actually be cutout.

EDIT: Said film can now be found here!



Figured I'd stick this at a higher resolution. I made this for the blog banner. It's based on the style of my final year film for college.

EDIT: Said film can now be found here!


Starting post

Just cracked open this blog. Boy it's all shiny and new. Still got that smell.