No Justice

A while ago I enjoyed messing about with some old drawings of the Justice League.

I took some old silver-age Justice League drawings, traced and rejigged them to make some different characters.

I took out some defining features, changed some bits and colours. Just had some fun really. Kirby Krackles are too fun to draw.

Trying to remember who they all were now, or can you guess?

Also trying to guess what their new powers are.

This was the first one I did.
This was The Flash. Now he's blind? He can see... space?

This used to be Wonder Woman. Now she has some sort of energy powers!
At one time this guy was known as Aquaman. Now he swims through the sky?

Green Lantern. Now, MIND POWERS (oh no!).
Also, metallic skin maybe? Red eyes!
Is he naked?

Martian Manhunter was his name. I'm not sure really.
He looks strong, but they all do.
Maybe he can bend time.

Superman! He's diagonal I guess. Purple eyes too.
He can always dodge an attack no matter how fast or leftfield.

And finally to Batman. Definitely a brawler this one. Maybe aquatic.
He can talk to lizards probably.




Also, recently Badass Digest started their Badass Sunday Comics and opened the floor to readers to submit their own.

I submitted one for the belated second issue that can be found here.

Here's my contribution alone:

For those unfamiliar, here's the story it's based on.

I tried to replicate the style (to some degree) of Daniel Clowes due to his involvement in the story.

Anyway, bye