Useless Doodles about My Life

So hello there. It's been a while since I've posted on here and I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath to hear (see?) what I've been doing. Well I thought I'd explain to you what I've been up to in LIFE since my last post through the medium of poorly rendered illustrations! How else can one explain their life?

Well first of all I spent a few days in London at the end of November. A few very expensive days I should point out. London hotels are pricey even when they suck which was a pity I must say. I'm still paying for that trip but I don't really care because it was amazing and totally worth it. It was a great few days of my life with some people who are very important to me. One in particular. Not really directly related to any of my work or art or whatever but I drew a picture of Big Ben from a Google image search so what's the difference really? Exactly.

I've also been posting a lot on Tom and Pals. That's one of my other blogs. It's creepy drawings of famous people, mostly Tom Cruise. I took a huge posting break on it there for about 2 months due to a problem with scanning facilities but I didn't stop drawing and now have a backlog which I'm currently releasing one a day. I've been posting those solidly for 2 weeks and I've still got about a week's worth left to post not including any I may draw in the meantime. It's very likely that I will draw more in the meantime so that's something to check out if you don't already follow it! Oh I also added a Tumblr branch to the Tom and Pals tree so that might be worth a look (and a reblog if you're that way inclined.)

I've also been reading a lot of Batman books recently. That's neither here nor there really. I just dig that guy. If you haven't heard of it he's basically a bloke who dresses like a giant bat and punches people. There's more to it than that but you get the idea. It's kind of underground. Whatever. I'm over it. Next question.

I've been watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation recently. This is a ridiculous thing to announce in any walk of life. Blog or otherwise. Even on a Star Trek blog it would be a ridiculous thing to announce as there hasn't been a new episode since 1994. It's not relevant but it's the truth and you came here for the truth (no you didn't) so you can just deal with it. Check out Worf's forehead there. It looks like a Mars bar kind of.

I've been working on a seeeecret webcoooomic for a while too. I've plenty of entries written, drawn, scanned and ready to go. I just need to figure out a webpage format for it. Might take a while. What could it be about!? What indeed?! Maybe there's a clue in this blog post!? Maybe not?! I can definitely tell you that there is or isn't a clue in this blog post. That's a promise I CAN make! I wouldn't get too worked up about it anyway. You probably won't like it. I like writing and drawing it though so that's why I do it. That's just how I roll man! That's just the way I do it.

Something I have been updating pretty regularly is my one sentence film review blog. Not a lot to say really except give it a look and see what I've been thinking of the old and new films I've seen recently. Some are great and some aren't. Weird.

I haven't posted to Cinewaffle for a while now but it was never really made to be a crazy regular thing. Who knows, I might have something to rant about soon? I have a couple of ideas actually so keep your eye on it. Or read the ones that are already there if you haven't already. Even if you have, read them again. Why not eh?! Eh?!?!

I'm moving out to Galway soon so that's exciting. I've got work to do out there. Should be there a while so yes. Look at me being all animatey in real life. How is that even possible you ask. I don't know. I just don't know but does it matter? Does any of it really matter?!? Yes. Yes some of it does but either way, I'm moving to Galway. So there's that.

Oh yeah and I figured I'd mention that I found this recently. This is humorous but also cool I guess. How ridiculous though.

Ha ha ha ha!